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About Me

After graduating in 2019, I embarked on my teaching career, dedicating four years to shaping the minds of young learners. I found immense joy in fostering a love for learning, designing engaging lesson plans, and creating a positive classroom environment. However, I also began to notice the untapped potential of technology to enhance the educational experience.

My background as an elementary school teacher has proven to be invaluable in my UX/UI career. My experience working with diverse learners has ingrained in me a strong sense of empathy, enabling me to anticipate user needs and design inclusive interfaces that cater to a wide range of audiences. I leverage my understanding of human psychology and behavior to craft user journeys that are engaging, intuitive, and efficient.

My commitment to continuous learning and professional growth is unwavering. I stay updated on the latest trends and emerging technologies in the field of UX/UI design by attending workshops, participating in design forums, and collaborating with fellow designers. I actively seek opportunities to expand my skill set and explore new design approaches to deliver innovative solutions.

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